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Digital Solutions Laboratories

Digital Solutions Laboratories, Inc. Started in 1994 by a group of friends.


In 2006 Deborah  opened  Deborah Sleeper brought her english degree from Webster University and tenacity for details to the technology industry.  It was a natural pairing and she has steered XLab from infancy in 2006 to today.   She continues today expanding and reaching new markets for LLC. What shall it be?

I am taking my time and hope to offer services that members can use as a low cost perhaps regional hub. Art, Crafts, Services, Hobbies, “Private-CList”.  

Project Management Solutions

We believe that a overly complex system is usually an under used one as well.  We believe software and SAS should be friendly and flexible to fit the exsisting workflow. We are constantly pushing the boundaries of collaberation and project tracking.  Follow along we can explore the trials and tribulations of project management.  

OVH Dedicated Bare Metal Servers

Bare Metal means your dedicated server has only a temporary access node to sign you in the first time.  Provisioning can be fast.  These servers are intended for experianced IT departments that want full control of the entire server.  All configuration, setup and monitoring is client side.  Are you a “metal person“? 

Cloud Based Accounting with Intuit QuickBooks Online

Use certified professional bookkeepers to keep track of your growing enterprise. All using industry leading software.